Why Choose Us

Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • We are small but have skilled lawyers who know their stuff, capable of dealing with complex legal matters from property law, relationship property, trusts, wills, EPOA’s, Commercial matters (business sales and purchases, leases, franchises, contracts, or disputes – we are happy to take on the big guys) and employment to name a few.
  • Our size means we know our clients (who become part of the Core Legal family) and we can offer personalised service for each client. We have our own families and operate a small (but growing) business ourselves, so we understand what matters to you and it means every client is important to us.
  • We understand the risks of being in businesses, we understand that your home could be on the line if thing go wrong. We can help you protect your personal assets.
  • Our fees are flexible and highly competitive compared to larger law firms yet our lawyers are of the same high calibre (with almost all having experience in larger or specialist law firms before coming to Core Legal).
  • We will be there for you for all you legal needs. We can help guide you through every stage of your journey.
  • We get it, and we actually care.

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