About Our Team

Core Legal is a team with a passion for helping our clients.  We saw a need to create a practice that uses the latest technology and systems to deliver excellent service and value to our clients as efficiently as possible.

Our Core Values

We care about our clients and view our role as more than just a business relationship. We have created a great team who enjoys life. We treat our clients like friends and family and it’s important to us we look after your needs.

We will act with integrity and do what we say we’re going to do.

We will provide expert knowledge.


We will communicate with you clearly and in a timely manner.

We care.

Meet The Team

The Core Legal team are made up of experts in their field.
Find out more about them below and reach out to them on LinkedIn or via our contact page.

Shannon Norling


Ko Ngai Tahu te Iwi, Ko Ngati Waewae te hapu. Raised in Greytown, Shannon went to Greytown Primary School, Kuranui College and is now raising his three children in the Wairarapa with one son in the work force, one son at Wairarapa College and a daughter at Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Wairarapa.

Shannon is a jack of all trades and was a painter/plasterer prior to studying law. Having worked with his hands on building sites for many years, Shannon brings a unique problem solving perspective to the practice of law, often thinking outside the box to solve the issues on the table and add value to client needs.

Shannon was admitted to the bar in 2005, has practised in the Waikato, Gold Coast and was a previous Partner of Gawith Burridge. Shannon’s main area of expertise is dealing with relationship property, Contracting Out Agreements (a.k.a pre-nuptial agreements) and separation agreements/disputes together with all general property matters including commercial and business transactions.

Outside of work Shannon has a black belt in Okinawan Goju Ryu and travelled to Okinawa in 2019 for three weeks to train with top karate masters from all over the world. He also enjoys paua diving, camping and carving pounamu when time allows.


Email address: shannon@corelegal.co.nz
Phone: 0800 778 952
Mobile: 027 936 5495

Christian Jorgensen


Christian Jorgensen originally comes from Wellington and graduated with Law and Science degrees from Victoria University in 2003.

With over 15 years of legal experience he initially practised in Wellington as an environmental and construction law specialist for several years.

Following an overseas working holiday as a chef (yes, he can cook), Christian was dragged up to the sunny Wairarapa in 2008 by his then girlfriend (now wife) and he moved into general practice advising across a range of areas but with an emphasis on property law including subdivisions, residential and rural conveyancing, commercial leases, licences and refinancing. Turns out the wife’s hunch was right – Christian loves the Wairarapa and his work, and has been here ever since.

A keen family man, when not playing with his children, Christian enjoys the outdoors and the simple pleasures of country living. If he’s not in his office chair, he may be found skiing, playing the drums or cooking up a storm in the kitchen.


Email address: christian@corelegal.co.nz
Phone: 0800 778 952
Mobile:(027) 335 5050

Nick Newbery

Senior Solicitor

Raised in Manawatu, Nick moved to the Wairarapa in 2010 with his wife to raise their family. They have three beautiful girls and own a very successful local early childhood education centre – Puãwai.

Nick was a Police Detective and Prosecutor where he gained experience in investigating and resolving complex legal issues and developed very effective communication and problem-solving skills.

Nick studied law while in the Police. He was admitted to the bar in 2014 while prosecuting for the Police. He left the Police in 2018 to pursue a career as a lawyer, starting in general practice at a local Wairarapa firm before specialising in Court related work at a boutique litigation firm.

Nick has a diverse range of legal experience with complimentary qualifications and skills to enable him to provide an expert and bespoke service and assist you with whatever problem you may have (or more importantly do not want to have).

When not at work Nick enjoys spending quality time with his family, watching sport and enjoying a beer or gin.

Areas of interest include; relationship property, employment, estate disputes and health and safety.


Email address: nick@corelegal.co.nz
Phone: 0800 778 952

Kathryn Jorgensen


Kathryn was born and bred in the Wairarapa, into a well-known local farming family. Having started her education at Hadlow School, she completed an LTCL from the Trinity College of London in performance violin in 1996 before moving to the big smoke to study Law and Music at Victoria University. After graduating from university in 2003, Kathryn spent three years overseas doing her OE and on her return home in 2007, started her career as a lawyer at a local firm. Kathryn has practised law in Masterton for the last 13 years.

Kathryn’s areas of expertise include wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney, residential care subsidies and residential care loans, occupation licences and admission agreements for rest homes, asset planning, gifting, relationship property, and claims against estates.

Kathryn is married to Christian, and they have two young children. In her spare time, Kathryn is the secretary of the Wairarapa Community Orchestra, and can be found playing the violin in the orchestra. She enjoys doing lots of different things, but after working, looking after the family and playing the violin, there’s not much time left to do them!

Kathryn works part time, from 9am to 2:30pm, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Email address: kathryn@corelegal.co.nz
Phone: 0800 778 952

Feng (Linda) Chen


In 1998, Linda, alongside her husband and son, immigrated to New Zealand. Over the first three years, they resided in various locations, including Auckland, Taupo, New Plymouth, and Dunedin, driven by employment prospects.

Linda’s Grandfather and Great Grandfather were Lawyers in China before 1949 which set the platform for Linda having an interest in law from a young age. However, her father discouraged her from studying law, so she studied science and worked at the largest multibillion dollar petrol/chemical corporation in China. Once Linda and her husband were settled in New Zealand Linda embarked on her legal journey and commenced her law degree at the University of Otago in 2003, successfully graduating in 2007. Early in 2008, she gained admission to the legal profession and then dedicated nine years to a distinguished career at a Dunedin law firm, progressing from a Law Clerk to Solicitor and then Associate.

Linda’s legal experience shines in diverse domains, notably property transactions, business transactions, leases and trust work. Her proficiency extends to general legal areas, reflecting a genuine passion for client assistance. Fluent in Mandarin, Linda’s bilingualism enhances her ability to cater to a diverse clientele.

Beyond her legal career, Linda ventured into the tourism industry, managing accommodation rights at the scenic Mt. Maunganui for four years. Her experience in hosting global holidaymakers contributed to a rich understanding of diverse perspectives. Additionally, Linda has an interest in New Zealand’s share markets, consistently monitoring top companies.

In her leisure pursuits, Linda finds joy in dancing, music appreciation, and culinary endeavors. Notably, her Chinese steamed buns have earned the admiration of her son and grandchildren as family favorites.


Email address: linda@corelegal.co.nz
Phone: 0800 778 952

Mia Riddell

Legal Executive

I started off wearing gumboots, while relief milking on dairy farms. I then traded in the cows to work as an early childhood educator. After realising I needed more adult interaction I moved my career focus to banking. I was giving financial and insurance advice while promoting electronic services, after realising that I was potentially making my role redundant, I decided to change my focus, yet again, and moved to Law. Starting as a Personal Assistant to four senior Solicitors, I was inspired to do my Legal Executive Diploma.
I enjoy helping clients on their journey to purchasing their first home and in any other areas I can. I am happy to be a part of the Core Legal team and look forward the future ahead of me.


Email address: mia@corelegal.co.nz
Phone: 0800 778 952

Chelsea Beech

Legal Executive

Born and raised in the Wairarapa, Chelsea purchased her first home with her partner in 2020 and is in the process of completing renovations. In early 2022 Obi the Labrador joined her family, occasionally you will find him doing zoomies around the office.
Chelsea began her career in law as a receptionist for a small Carterton firm in 2018, very quickly working her way up to Personal Assistant and having completed her diploma in Legal Executive studies in July 2021, becoming a Registered Legal Executive in November 2021. Chelsea then joined the Core Legal team in February 2022.
Chelsea has a keen interest in Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Conveyancing, Estate work and is constantly looking to expand her knowledge in other areas as well. Chelsea strives to help her clients as much as possible and understands that it’s not always easy for them to make it into the office, so you will often find she is happy to meet her clients at their homes, care homes or in hospital.
Outside of the office Chelsea likes to spend her time with her family, road tripping to visit friends in Taranaki and loves a good TV series binge.


Email address: chelsea@corelegal.co.nz
Phone: 0800 778 952

Sarah Kaye

Office Administration

Sarah moved from inner city Wellington to a lifestyle property in Opaki 20 years ago, seeing the Wairarapa as a great place to raise a family.

Her career background is print production, working at advertising agencies and a print consultancy firm in Wellington and later with real estate sales and administration in the Wairarapa, have proved a great fit in her role at Core Legal as reception and administration.

With boys now at University and beyond, Sarah enjoys her garden – in particular her dahlia patch, olive grove, sheep, cats and elderly chooks.


Email address: sarah@corelegal.co.nz
Phone: 0800 778 952

Ruth James

Legal Secretary/Accounts

Ruth was born and lived in the Auckland region as a child and then moved to Palmerston North in for her teenage years. Ruth’s first job was as a legal receptionist for a Palmerston North law firm and she remained there for 12 years, becoming an experienced Legal Secretary and Trust Accountant during that time.

In 2016 Ruth moved back to Auckland and worked in both the legal profession and other businesses including some temporary placements where she enjoyed the challenges of having to quickly learn a range of different systems.

During the first Covid-19 lockdown, Ruth and her partner purchased a property in the Wairarapa and moved down here in mid-2020.

Gardening, crafts and animals are all important to Ruth along with a passion for op-shopping wherever she goes.


Email address: ruth@corelegal.co.nz
Phone: 0800 778 952

Hannah Hughes

Legal Secretary

Hannah was born in Rotorua, her childhood was spent in Lower Hutt before moving to the Wairarapa in 2006. Starting off in retail Hannah then moved on to administration at the Masterton District Council for 5 years in Animal Services, gaining a qualification in Dog Psychology and Training. She has worked in various industries over the last decade and enjoys getting to know new people from all walks of life.

After the birth of her son, Hannah moved into Real Estate as an administrator and Trust accountant where she worked for 3 years until the birth of her second child. For the last 3 years she has been working as a Personal Assistant for two real estate agents in the Wairarapa and in this time gained her NZ Certificate in Real Estate Level 4 (Salesperson), then becoming licensed to sell Real Estate in 2022.

Outside of work Hannah enjoys being outdoors, is a keen camper and loves hitting the gym every morning as part of her selfcare routine. She’s very family orientated and enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and two kids. She enjoys dancing and introducing her children to all kinds of cultures and music.

Ready for a change in industry Hannah joins our team with a vast background in real estate, customer service and a keen attitude to grow and broaden her knowledge.


Email address: hannah@corelegal.co.nz
Phone: 0800 778 952

Jacqui Turner

Practice Manager / Trust Accountant

Jacqui hails from the Waikato region where she spent her childhood in the cozy town of Te Awamutu. In 2017 Jacqui relocated to the Wairarapa with her family of four children.

Life in the Wairarapa has been a whirlwind of activity for Jacqui, with her kids keeping the household lively. Her daughter is thriving at Makoura College while her two sons are soaking up knowledge at Lakeview Primary.

Jacqui’s journey has been quite the adventure, from her school days at Te Awamutu College to her time in the Navy, where she gained a variety of life skills that helped shape who she is today. With a decade in retail, five years home lending and another five in law office, Jacqui’s expertise spans a wide range of knowledge and skills.

When she’s not juggling the demands of daily life, Jacqui loves nothing more than spending quality time with her whanau, and she’s always up for a bit of outdoor fun, whether it’s a leisurely tramp or trying her hand at hunting and diving. Exploring new destinations and travelling are high on her list, igniting her sense of adventure.


Email address: jacqui@corelegal.co.nz
Phone: 0800 778 952

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