Welcome to the careers page at Core Legal.

We are an innovative law firm based in sunny and bustling Masterton and we are looking to grow our busy practice!  For those that do not know, Masterton is a bit like New York but slightly smaller.  We are a general practice firm and our main practice areas are in property, subdivisions, relationship property, estates and commercial matters.  Our solicitors will gain a wide range of experience across the board to allow all to advance their careers and reach towering heights – at least 2 stories anyway (we are on the top floor).

We work with a diverse range of clients and pride ourselves on providing high-quality bespoke advice to clients to deliver value and make a difference in their lives.  We really do know, it’s not just a rolled-out statement we make.  Just ask our clients!*

We value all of the staff we work with and are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive work culture.  We know the word ‘culture’ [insert collective groan here] often gets a lot of lip service with no follow up from our experience in the industry – well, Core Legal is not one of those firms.  We truly see and treat our team as people (not just a number or KPI statistic), we also welcome office dogs of all sizes and work open plan with music!  Life gets too serious sometimes and we see a positive and easy-going atmosphere for our team as a good thing.  We are dedicated to helping our staff work out and achieve their goals (be it advancement, specializing, better work/life balance or even gardening tips).

So who are we after?  Ideally we are looking for a New Zealand based intermediate level solicitor who is passionate about the law however, we will consider any level of experience.  Interested?  If so, we’d love to hear from you so email in your CV and cover letter to us at and we’ll be in touch.  We appreciate that the legal industry is small, as such, rest assured all enquiries will be treated in the strictest of confidence where needed.

*Clients will not be identified on account of client confidentiality.

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